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Hackers Are the New Pirates. How vulnerable are you and your vessel?

Cyber Security for Yachts

Cyber-attacks on the maritime industry’s operational technology (OT) systems have increased by 900% over the last three years with the number of reported incidents set to reach record volumes by year end.

The most common Cyber Threats to Yachts

Ransomware is a major threat facing the maritime industry. Without defense strategies, malicious actors can easily hijack a yacht’s infrastructure for their own financial benefit. Cybercriminals are also targeting Captains, Boat owners/Managers, and Crew with phishing campaigns, so it is important to make everyone aware of the risk they face online, particularly when receiving emails.

Cyber Protection at Sea

Eliminate risk to your sensitive data and protect against malware and ransomware attacks.

We’ve secured a strategic alliance with the leading cyber security firm, Cyber Wellness USA to offer Moulton Marine Clients total peace of mind. Get the ultimate maritime cyber security protection today.

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    We have spent the past year researching the best independently developed cyber-security products for the maritime industry to keep you, your family, and your vessel safe and secure no matter where you go.

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    Do you know how hackers can access your personal information and boat systems?  Check out our Maritime Cyber Security booklet here to see how vulnerable you are.

    Cyber Wellness USA is a world-class security firm with excellent products.  Check out their offerings here:

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